10/31/19 5:00 PM
Halloween Poker Run
Laramie and the Pedal House
Don't be scared everyone.... it's the Pedal House Halloween Poker Run!!!!
10/31/2018 (Wednesday) 6 PM
This year the Pedal House's Annual Poker Run will be held on Wednesday, October 31st....Halloween day at 6:00! Like always, if you want to participate you will need to "like" the Pedal House on Facebook to gain access to the photos that will give the locations of the playing cards you need to collect.
Here is how it works:
1. This Pedal House Poker Run is for fun, but there will be a prize for the fastest rider/team, the best poker hand and best costume.
2. YOU MUST RIDE A BIKE TO COMPLETE THIS OUTING. Not part of the way, not some of the way, but through the whole course. Walking, driving, long-boarding, extreme kiting, skiing or any other form of transportation is not permitted.
3. We'll post pictures on facebook which reveal a location/landmark around Laramie based on this year's theme. You'll travel as a team, or as an individual, to retrieve one envelope at each location. Do not open the envelope. The locations of playing cards will remain secret until 5:pm on October 31st, 2018. At that time, they'll be released on the Pedal House Facebook site, which will start the run.
4. Please take a photo of your entire team at each landmark. (No splitting up.)
5. You may start at any landmark or anywhere in Laramie, and ride to each one in any order, but you'll need to travel to all seven locations in order to be eligible for the fastest time prize and you have at least five cards to play a hand of poker. After you've collected all seven envelopes ride as fast as you can to the Pedal House where you'll play your hand.
6. Please, do NOT open your Envelopes until you play your hand at the Pedal House Bike Shop.
8. Costumes are highly recommended, but not mandatory.
9. Free pizza and candy for all who participate in the Pedal House Poker Run! BYOB!