9/23/17 11:00 AM
Two Moons 24 Hour Race
Glendo State Park
24 hour racing is coming to Glendo in 2017! Join the Laramie Racing crew (LMBS, Gowdy Grinder) for Wyoming's only 24 hour mountain bike race. Get a group of your most adventurous friends together for a relay team, and come enjoy some challenging trails. The course starts in the Two Moon Campground at the high point of 4800'. Two nice grinds per lap totaling almost 1300' of climbing will keep you honest, while a couple of fun descents will keep you smiling. An on-course aid station from Fat Fish Racing will give you a place to top off your bottles before you attempt the ascent up 91 Gigawatt.

While you're waiting for your teammates to ride, you can hang out in the campground with amenities like 4G service, bathrooms, and running water, which is all pretty fancy for a 24-hour race. Kids can fill the void of a parent's absence at the playground or pump track while you're out "enjoying" your time on course. Entry fees include a breakfast on Sunday morning to help get you through the last few hours of the race.

Friends and family at home can follow along with live online results which update every five minutes throughout the race.

If you are considering racing solo, please be sure to read the course page before signing up.
9/29/17 4:00 PM
Mural Walking Tour
1st Street Plaza
Going to be in Laramie for the UW v. Oregon football game on Sept.16? Join us for a walking tour of the Laramie Mural Project, prior to the game, at 11:00 a.m.. We'll meet at the First St. Plaza and the tour lasts 90 minutes.
10/14/17 5:00 PM
Happy Jack Bike Bash
Lower Happy Jack Parking Lot
The Pedal House would like to say thank you to the Laramie Cycling Community by hosting the 2017 Happy Jack Bike Bash. Join us at the lower Happy Jack parking lot in the Medicine Bow National Forest for an afternoon of cycling culture. We will have bicycle demos, bbq, a scavenger hunt for individuals or teams, a bike toss, hill climb challenges, free stuff, and group rides. Join us, and let's ride bikes. 12:noon to 5:pm
10/31/17 5:00 PM
Halloween Poker Run
Laramie and the Pedal House
Don't be scared everyone.... it's the Pedal House Halloween Poker Run!!!!
10/31/2017 (Tuesday) 5 PM
This year the Pedal House's Annual Poker Run will be held on Tuesday, October 31st....Halloween Night at five! Like always, if you want to participate you will need to "like" the Pedal House on Facebook to gain access to the photos that will give the locations of the playing cards you will need to collect.
Here is how it works:
1. This Pedal House Poker Run is for fun, but there will be a prize for the fastest rider/team, and for the best poker hand.
2. YOU MUST RIDE A BIKE TO COMPLETE THIS OUTING. Not part of the way, not some of the way, but through the whole course. Walking, driving, long-boarding, extreme kiting, skiing or any other form of transportation….including walking, is not acceptable.
3. We will list pictures on facebook that will reveal a location, let us call them landmarks from around Laramie. You will have to travel as a team, or as an individual, to each landmark and retrieve a card or set of cards. These photos will remain secret until 5:pm on October 31st, 2017. At that time they will be released on the Pedal House Facebook site. That will be the start time to this Poker Run.
4. You will need a photo of your entire team at each landmark. (No splitting up.)
5. You can start at any landmark, and ride to each one in any order, but you have to do all six. After you have all six envelopes ride as fast as you can to the Pedal House where your hand will be recorded for all of time. REPEAT, do not open your Envelopes, Get all six envelopes and to the Pedal House (BYOB).
7. All Riders must be in a costume.
11/24/17 4:00 PM
Fat Bike Demo
Happy Jack Parking Lot
B̶l̶a̶c̶k̶ Fat Bike Friday Demo (Noon to Four today.) Fat Bikes are the most versatile bicycles on the market today. They can tackle roads, single track, snow and even frozen rivers and lakes. Join us the day after Thanksgiving to ride Fatties, and celebrate the outdoors. Snow, rain, or sunshine, we will be there. All you need to bring is your helmet and you can demo a Felt or Cannondale Fat Bike. If you have clip in pedals, bring your pedals and shoes for a better ride. We will have flats.........on the pedals, not the tires. We are prepared for flare tires. We have a pump. We're a bike shop. #GRYFB