By Mike Lowham (Previous Owner)

During the Winter of 1989-90 my brother Doug called and asked if I would like to open a bike shop. One of Laramie's existing shops had finished its ride and we figured we would get rich doing what we loved. We have not got rich, but we are still doing what we love-fixing bikes; selling bikes to new and old riders; building bikes for ourselves, friends and family; and of course most important still riding bikes!

The Pedal House was originally located at 110 Grand Ave (current home of Coal Creek Coffee). In 1991 Doug and I moved into the current location at 207 South First. After extensive remodeling we turned the former saloon and brothel into a bicycle shop. We like to think that the early members of the Laramie Wheelmen spent enjoyable leisure hours at this same location. Thomas Stevens, former Laramie resident, and first to bicycle across the United States and then around the world may have satisfied his thirst and enjoyed the theraputic hands of one of the working girls that used to reside upstairs.

Doug and I were fortunate to enjoy the better part of 8 years working together fixing bicycles, offering all kinds of advice, meeting people, putting on mtn. bike races under our shop club Team Pandemonium. We had some great races, epic rides, and a few beer busters. In the fall of 1997 Doug and his wife Kathryn moved to Jackson Hole to ride steeper hills and more expensive bikes. I still love to go riding with him and get my butt kicked.

I kept the shop going with the help of my wife Dannine, the ever present Jeff Ra and a series of good friends and employees. Thanks guys!

2004 brought Carl to the shop and he's done a bang up job. We have done another series of remodeling and the shop looks great and is a comfortable place to work and hang out.

If you're in Laramie stop by and check us out. We are located on First street near the railroad tracks. Just look for the 2 story tall, and very colorful, mural of Thomas Stevens riding his highwheeler painted by our good friend Rick Sutherland.