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The Pedal House is a full service bicycle shop located in downtown Laramie, Wyoming. For over 20 years we have established ourselves as the #1 bicycle shop in Laramie for anything bicycle related. We provide the best bicycle repair, customization, and service available, including in house shock repair, all types of bicycle customization, affordable and dependable repairs and more. We have experienced people who ride and fix bicycles for a living. If you have a bike you love, or want to meet a bicycle you might fall in love with, come see us. We fix and sell bicycles because we love bikes.

Current Special
Go Ride Your Bike

Curt Gowdy State Park is BONE DRY!!! Happy Jack is not ready for responsible riding, unless you are riding a 3.8 Tires or bigger in the early morning. GO RIDE GOWDY, it is awesome.

Featured Product
The Hybrid - Installation Labor

**Prices are listed for parts purchased at the Pedal House
Tubeless Tire Conversion – $20 + Parts
Tubeless Recharge – 7.5 (Includes Stan’s Notube)
Tire/Tube 7.5 ???
Remove and Install Grip Tape - $15
Install/Remove Rear Sprocket – $7.5 - $12
Bottom Bracket - $20
Brake Pads - $12 per brake
Cables & Housing - $7.5 per
Chain Ring - $12
Computer - $12 - $24
Crankset - $15 – w/bb $20
Crown Race - $7.5
Fork - $30
Fender - $15
Derailleur - $15
Headset - $15
Handle Bar –
• Road - $25
• Flat - $10
• Cruiser - $15
Rack - $15
Saddle – $7.5
• Road - $25
• Flat - $10
Stem – $7.5
Chain - $7.5
Freehub Body – $10 & up

Best Service In Town

The Pedal House Bike Shop has earned the distinction of being one of the 100 Best Bike Shops in the nation by Bicycling Magazine. Our repair service has been rated the best in Wyoming because we dedicate ourselves to being the most professional,knowledgeable and passionate mechanics in the business. Our service technicians take the time to ensure your bicycle is at its peak performance. Seriously, if your bike is broken and it can be fixed, we can fix it. Welding, repairing, upgrading...nothing is off limits. Come in for a free repair estimate today.

Ride Responsibly

As the seasons turn and bikes come out of the garage let's review good trail practices....What do you do when you ride up to a mud bog. Two Simple Options: Turn back and find a different route, or ride straight through the middle of the mud puddle. Both Work Fine! Turning back is by far the most sensible choice, not because I don't want to ride through the puddle and make motorcycle noises....because I do. But turning back is the only way we can prevent any trail damage. However, if you continue on, riding through the middle does less damage than riding the edge and is fixable. Riding the edges braides and and makes things way worse. Besides, it's mountain biking. You're supposed to get dirty. So ride responsibly. P.S. Gowdy is completely dry, ....go ride your bike.


Date/Time Event Location
5/13/17 7:00 AMThe 9th annual Gowdy GrinderCurt Gowdy State Park
7/16/17 6:00 AMTour de WyomingDay 1: Cheyenne to Wheatland (73 miles)
7/17/17 6:00 AMTour de WyomingDay 2: Wheatland to Rock River (80 miles)
7/18/17 6:00 AMTour de WyomingDay 3: Rock River to Saratoga (76 miles)
7/19/17 6:00 AMTour de WyomingDay 4: Saratoga to Battle Pass and return to Sarat

Featured Crew - Lenny Lendardson

The only thing bigger than this guy's smile, was his heart. We will always miss the way he leaned on us for love. RIP buddy, you will always be with us.

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