Cycling Kit

The Pedal House offers a jersey in Long Sleeve or Short, with bibs and shorts available. We also have arm warmers and more. All available in Race and Club cuts.

Women's Specific Cycling Kits

We have Women's Specific Short and long sleeve jerseys, bibs, and shorts. Hey Ladies,...Get Kitted Up!

Kids Kit

The Pedal House has a jersey to keep your kid in the front of that Strider Peloton.


"We Still Hang Bike Thieves in Wyoming" is only one of the t-shirts you will find at the Pedal House. Thomas Stevens, Albert Hofmann, and Jeff Rah. We represent History like a boss.

Long Sleeve T-Shirt #GRYFB

Pedal Fat, on a Fat Bike, in a Fat T-shirt. #GRYFB....Go Ride Your Fat Bike.

Pedal House Hats

Recreational headwear that lets the wold know you know what an outhouse is.


Pedal House cycling socks are a form of excellence you can wear on your feet.