Growlers & Howlers

The best beer to christen your Miir Growler or Howler with is Altitudes Steak House's Pedal House Pilsner. It's one of our favorites.


Made in the U.S., out of bison hide. Branded with our logo, look for canned or bottled beer to taste better when kept cool with these.

Double Walled Klean Kanteen

Branded, double walled, and perfect for keeping drinks warm or cold. You can also get a lid to prevent splashing on those bumpy commutes.


If you think #GRYFB has a dirty word in it....well....you're dirty. Go Ride Your Fat Bike.


"We Still Hang Bike Thieves in Wyoming!" Our saying is older than any of the shops that claim to have originated it, come in and grab a sticker, and if you want to know how the saying came into existence, let us know. It involves the Law Library, a stolen bike, and some honest Wyoming Law and Order.

Pint Glasses

Beer just tastes better from a Pedal House Pint glass. It is truly amazing.