Growlers & Howlers

The best beer to christen your Miir Growler or Howler with is Altitudes Steak House's Pedal House Pilsner. It's one of our favorites.


Made in the U.S., out of bison hide. Branded with our logo, look for canned or bottled beer to taste better when kept cool with these.

Double Walled Klean Kanteen

Branded, double walled, and perfect for keeping drinks warm or cold. You can also get a lid to prevent splashing on those bumpy commutes.


If you think #GRYFB has a dirty word in it....well....you're dirty. Go Ride Your Fat Bike.

Water Bottles

The fastest water bottle exchanges are always done with Pedal House Water Bottles. Get yours today!

Chrome Bags

Laramie Daily Boomerang: July 10th, 1884
"That the bicycle should not long ago have been turned to practical use has been a cause for wonder. The Long Branch District Telegraph and Messenger company, we believe, was the first in America to appreciate its value, and now uses it for the more speedy delivery of messages and letters. In London bicycles are used by the messengers of such companies, and have proved highly satisfactory." We now carry the best bags, clothing and shoes associated with cycling.

Pint Glasses

Beer just tastes better from a Pedal House Pint glass. It is truly amazing.

Custom Stuff

If you have an idea, but need someone to make it for you...and it has to do with bicycles. Come see us. We can help you make your dreams a reality. The rack, pictured, was made in-house, from scratch. Tell us your ideas, and we can tell you what it will take to make.