Owners and General Do gooder. Pushing Pedals, Being outside, Dogs, and Beer. We are here to help you go anywhere on a bike. Let's connect and push pedals. Favorite Beer: Uinta Pilsner
His: Otso Voytek 27.5+,
Momentum Street,
Surly Crosscheck

Jessica Flock

Owner, Floor Manager, Inventory Specialist. Favorite Beer: Snake River Lauger
Smiling from ear to ear, she will help outfit you and your bicycle from head to toe in the latest greatest equipment. Come on in and chat with her if you want a stylish option to your cycling problems.
1996 Giant Sedona Commuter

Joel Charles

Joel was raised in the cycling industry. Racing, wrenching, and riding. If you have a problem with your bicycle that stumps the average mechanic, talk to Joel. His brand of professionalism and expertise doesn't just happen. It is passed on. Favorite Beer: Stone Brewing Double Bastard.


Touring across the country on a Surly Ogre, Harper brings a touring experience to the Pedal House that inspires the longer ride and a cup of coffee under the morning sky. Come chat with her about any of your cycling needs. Favorite Beer Melvin MPA.


Jeff is an old school bike shop dog. He has ridden the miles to earn a spot as the best biking dog around. Sometimes loud, but always a lover. See what he can do with a rubber band today.

Milton Waddams

Milton is a special kind of doggie. If he loves you, he loves you...and he is a lover!! He loves the outdoors, the indoors, chewing on doors, and long walks anywhere. Come see him today and play, "Guess what he is" with the locals.